Mushroom Head Cylinder

The Mushroom Head Cylinder is the perfect enlargement tool for developing a larger penis (mushroom) head. This 2 stage cylinder is designed so that the penis shaft can expand only to its normal size in the bottom first stage while the penis head can expand much larger in the upper top 2nd stage. The vacuum pressure is concentrated mainly on the penis head which allows for maximum expansion of this area. Since the penis head is a difficult area to enlarge this cylinder is highly recommended for exactly this purpose. Once the head is permanently enlarged it will stay enlarged. A larger penis head can be much more stimulating and erotic. When ordering please provide the measurements to allow us to custom size the cyl to fit your penis.

1. Please measure the diameter of your erect penis.
2. Please measure the length of your erect penis shaft.
(This is from the base of your penis to just below your penis head.)

E-mail these measurements to us before or after you place your order.

$135.00 each  
Mushroom Head Enlargement Cylinder  (Includes FREE Shipping in  USA)


(For International Orders Please Contact Us For Shipping Rates)